How to generate income through book presentations? Inject Humour

Writers- Did you know that there are various ways in which you can earn while still in the process of marketing; even before the sales of your book have started after self-publishing a book.

Get prepared for book-presentations.

Stand in front of the audience with a smile and share your book & personal writing story. Don’t bother about the size of the audience. Don’t be nervous.

Find out what appeals to the audience. Inject facts of interest to keep your audience riveted.

But before that, draw the attention of people who schedule presenters. Send plenty of press releases. You may receive very few responses for book presentations initially. You will realize those few scheduled talks generates success; making you more visible & opening up more invitations.

To expand your audience; get your book presentations scheduled in libraries, book-stores, schools. Use craft to engage the children and tailor the talks as per the kids’ likings. Employ children’s illustrators UK for interesting kids’ book.

If you specialize in non-fiction topics, you may be asked to present on the topic itself (if it is unique & interesting). Another avenue for revenue.

Meanwhile, use social media, website, write blogs, etc. to make more connections.

Connect to your audience. Few things will warm you up to an audience quicker and more effectively than humour and laughter. This is especially true if you are addressing an unfamiliar group.

Make the presentation interesting by injecting humour and talk about facts using a Power Point with lots of pictures. Hire an illustrator for that.

Giving book presentations is enjoyable, and it’s a nice stream of secondary income. It takes time to build visibility, using press releases, social media, a website, and a blog, but when you use humour to connect with the audience, your presentation will be a success and open doors to more possibilities.

Employ front cover designer for your book to be more visible.


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