Editing steps for a cleaner better book

Getting a manuscript edited by a professional book designer is always advisable. Don’t stress much about the editing part because expert self-publishers will edit your book in an excellent fashion before sending it for Kindle book publishing.

Yet, you may find solace in giving it a touch-up before it is sent to the experts. These are some ways you may do so-

  • Let the manuscript rest for a few days. Read it again with an unclogged mind. You will be able to detect mistakes; which otherwise you wouldn’t.
  • Find out whether your book is just telling or even showing too; which means you should involve more dialogues and description. The emotions felt by the characters should be felt by the audience; as if they are enjoying in a movie-hall from the front row.
  • Do not put too many words (Adverbs & Adjectives) to explain the situation. It will rather put-off the reader. Also, avoid naming the characters repeatedly in dialogues so that the book is more real life-like.
  • Make the dialogue as natural as possible by adding descriptions in a natural way. For most part, people don’t repeatedly tell others things, which they already know. Don’t go for too realistic using crutch words either.
  • Don’t use too many or too less dialogue tags.
  • Stick to- from whose point of view is the story is being related.
  • Be mindful of punctuation such as comma use, hyphenating adverb-adjective pairs, misplaced modifiers, parallel structure (not-only, but-also).
  • Read the script aloud to understand better. So sit back, and listen to your book for a final self-editing read-through before sending the novel for self-publishing services.
  • Listening to your book while your word processor reads it loud to you is a sure way to catch lingering typos that you miss when reading silently.

A professional book designer will edit your book for self-publish, Amazon. An illustrated book cover designer will make your book attractive as well.

Source: https://bookillustrationdesignuk.blogspot.com/2022/11/editing-steps-for-cleaner-better-book.html

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