What are the things to focus on when self-publishing a book?

If your dexterous writer’s soul is shouting to break the conventional way of approaching publishers by showing them a few samples of your ongoing manuscript then consider self-publishing. Like any self-publisher, you will be able to taste the independence of publishing your book by finalizing the editing to the creative book layout design only if you have the risk-taking strength.

Here are a few things you need to focus on when self-publishing a book—

When you are ready to self-publish your book, start with finding a publishing company reputed for offering self-publishers all types of services i.e. from book cover design services to editing and so on, they need for publishing a book. During the quest, minutely study the books they have published so far. Make sure they are well-versed with your genre and have a few bestsellers in their share doing excellent business so far.

These days, authors have to think about digital readers. You can also do the same by investing in the ebook conversion of your manuscript. As a matter of fact, before the paperbacks reach your readers, the majority will start reading the eBooks on Amazon and other platforms and it might become a bestseller.

Are you writing a book for children? Then you need to find a company or an online space from where they offer book illustrators for hire. Particularly, you can get in touch with a self-publishing company that has illustrators working with them as book cover designers. Check the samples they have in their portfolios before signing up with the illustrator. With a higher budget or expectation, you can reach out to the book illustrators with quite a few bestsellers in their bag.

Get in touch with a book cover designer and a layout designer. Study as many books as you can of your contemporary to have a yardstick before finalizing the book cover designs or layouts.

Stick to the expectations of your readers to make your book a bestseller.

Do your best to promote your book with the professional help of a marketing agency or by hiring an agent.

Source: https://bookcoverdesigneruk.art.blog/2021/12/28/what-are-the-things-to-focus-on-when-self-publishing-a-book/

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