Tips for promoting your new self published book

Have you been wondering to self-publish your latest book? The self publishers are now growing gaga over this fresh venture because of the countless benefits they enjoy starting from being their own boss, when it comes to the final editing, to keeping the higher profit margins. Count yourself among the team and be your own director when unveiling your new book to the readers. 

Check out some cool tips for promoting your new self-published book—

Team up with the best Marketing Agency 

Collaborate with the best marketing agency with the reputation to promote books successfully with creative book layout design, illustrations and with high-quality content. Get connected to a team of taskmasters with the potential to track down your target audiences before running several campaigns to allure the readers towards buying the book whether in the eBook format or paperbacks. 

Depend on Digital Media for promoting your book

You need to keep your hawk’s eyes on the digital media for promoting your book. Nowadays, most users use smartphones more than they watch TV or read newspapers. Therefore, starting from creating your book website to maintaining a few social media pages, or creating PPC advertising campaigns, reaching out to potential readers is possible. 

Use the book illustration design or the book cover designs for the promotional activities as the images help to draw the attention of the readers towards the book rack. 

You must have heard that many eBooks acquire the bestselling status on Amazon or similar platforms way before the paperbacks reach it because of the growing interest to use the digital platforms to read new books.

Creative book cover designs 

You can type book cover designers near me in Google to locate the best studios or individuals working independently to design cover layout designs of books. They must maintain a genuine approach towards the work they do for the best outcome and ROI.

Stay connected to readers with emails, newsletters, & notifications 

You must stay connected to the readers by sending them emails, newsletters or notifications of any fresh posts from your blog or website for generating more awareness about your book publishing endeavour. 


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